I am interested in institutions, the history of which may or may not be appropriate as we move towards a future both global and insular at the same time. I see something tribe-like in the absence of political and cultural homogeneity and in the simultaneous attempts to impose a sameness on disparate entities.
All manner of institutional signifiers are a source of fascination for me. I am drawn to the tangible and intangible marks of institutions: uniforms, gender, age, leadership structure, values, logos, insignias, money—those who benefit from the institutions, those who are threatened by them.
I aim to address the interaction among and between cultural, religious, and political forces—their influence and their impact...their historical significance and their future role in society. I often wonder how familiar institutions will look in 10 years in a world saturated by information.
In this body of work, I try to depict intangibles by using adults to generally, but not always, represent the status quo and children as physical embodiments of both past and future.